• Since October 2017: Postdoc position at the LMU München
  • 2015-17: DFG Eigene Stelle at the GFZ, Helmholtz Centre Potsdam
  • 2013-15: SNSF fellowship at the GFZ, Helmholtz Centre Potsdam
  • 2008-13: PhD in Earth Sciences, geomicrobiology, University of Geneva
  • 2008: Master's degree in sedimentary geology
  • 2007: Naturopathy final diploma at the ECN, Geneva
  • 2006: Bachelor's degree in Earth Sciences
  • 2001: Naturopathy diploma at the ECN, Geneva
  • 1997: Latin-English Swiss federal maturity

Postdoctoral research at the LMU: Next generation sequencing surveys of the marine deep biosphere evidence a high taxonomic diversity, but do not account for ecological functions or growth rates. Our work tackles this issue by extracting both DNA and RNA from oxic and anoxic deep abyssal clay of the Northern Atlantic Ocean. We apply quantitative PCR assays targeting taxonomic and functional genes, and Illumina sequencing of 16S rRNA genes, metagenomic and metatranscriptomic libraries.

Eigene Stelle DFG grant (VU 94/1-1): Inspected the formation of authigenic minerals associated with microbial activity in ferruginous sediments from Lake Towuti, Indonesia. This research was part of the ICDP-funded Towuti Drilling Project. Microbial reduction processes and organic matter degradation in the sediment induce neoformation of minerals during early diagenesis (e.g. siderite, magnetite, vivianite). Mineral features and isotope compositions were compared to microbial assemblages (i.e. environmental DNA) and used as modern biosignatures for the Proterozoic ferruginous oceans.

Early Postdoc.Mobility SNSF grant (P2GEP2_148621): Addressed the link between biogeochemistry and microbial populations in the sediments of Lake Towuti, Indonesia. Due to its iron-rich settings, the lake is ideal to study metal reduction processes and their influence on the sediment composition during early diagenesis.

PhD thesis: “Characterizing the Subsurface Biosphere in Laguna Potrok Aike Sediments (Argentina) – a Case Study -" mainly focused on deep microbial populations in the sediment of the maar lake Potrok Aike, Argentinean Patagonia (ICDP-funded PASADO project). The approach included microbiological and geochemical methods such as 16S rRNA fingerprinting (DGGE, cloning, illumina), cell count, methane and fatty acid biogeochemistry and their related isotope compositions, pore water chemistry, phosphorus speciation and others. This thesis was awarded the CHGEOL Award 2013.

Master's thesis: “Contribution to the study of cement stratigraphy using a multi-methodological approach”, was centered on carbonates diagenesis using cathodoluminescence, X-ray microfluorescence, fluorescence microscopy, fluid inclusions and image analysis. This Master was awarded the 2008 ELSTE Price.




2019-2021: LMU Mentoring Program awarded

2017-2019: LMU Mentoring Program awarded

2015-2017: Eigene Stelle DFG grant (VU 94/1-1) awarded

2013-2015: Early Postdoc Mobility SNSF grant (P2GEP2_148621) awarded


Honors, awards and publicity


2017: Seal of Excellence, Marie-Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship 2016

2013: CHGEOL Award 2013,  for Ph.D dissertation

2008: ELSTE-Augustin Lombard price 2008, Master thesis


Teaching and lab experiences


Teaching assistant for “General Geology” "Limnology", and “Cartography”, and Master courses of “Glacial Geology” and “Calcareous Algae”. Since 2017, teaching assistant for "Geomicrobiology" and "Global Cycles", lab practices and maintenance.


Microthermometry of fluid inclusions, optical cathodoluminescence, fluorescence microscopy (OM, DAPI), X-ray microfluorescence, Raman microprobe, calcimetry, P speciation, DNA/RNA extractions and techniques (PCR, DGGE, intra/extracellular DNA, quantitative PCR, cloning, metagenomic-transcriptomic libraries, Illumina MiSeq, MiniSeq), lipid extraction, pore water extraction, chromatography (FAs, CH4), scanning and transmission electron microscopy.


Courses and field work


- 2015: Field operations of the ICDP Lake Towuti Drilling Project, geobiology sampling (Indonesia)

- 2014: Pilot campaign of the ICDP Lake Towuti Drilling Project, sampling at Malili Lakes (Indonesia)

- 2013: Facies and structure of the Panthalassic Mino terrane, central Japan, CUSO camp (Japan)

- 2012: Tectonics and sedimentation along an active plate boundary, CUSO camp (New Zealand)

- 2011: Modern and Quaternary carbonate environments, CUSO camp (Bahamas)

- 2010: Field operations of the ICDP Dead Sea Project (Israel)

- 2010: Tectonostratigraphy and plate tectonics of Crete (Greece)

- 2010: Geobiology, intensive training course on microbes/minerals interactions (USA)

- 2009: Study of tidal deposits, flats of the Wadden Sea (Germany)

- 2008: PhD fieldwork, field operations of the ICDP PASADO project, South Patagonia (Argentina)

- 2008: Study of the deep biosphere, ECORD camp (Germany)

- 2008: Study of the Late Glacial period, CUSO camp (Norway)

- 2007: Study of pelagic sediments, gorges of Breggia (Switzerland)

- 2007: Study of the continental and coastal deposits, Jeffara (Tunisia)

- 2006: Study of continental and coastal deposits, Tremp basin (Spain)


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